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SENCO Update stands at the forefront of a field where reliable expert support and advice is vital

Chris Barrett, subscriptions executive at Optimus Education, recommends:

It’s always hard not to hold special regard for the first part of your job that you feel a genuine connection to, and for me, since joining Optimus Education that part has been my work with SENCO Update. I think this is because the position of SENCO is, in my opinion, very different from any other role in education, as the students that you work with can offer you greater rewards and more challenges than any other.

For over 10 years SENCO Update has drawn together experience and practical advice to inspire SENCOs on a range of issues. It now stands at the forefront of a field where reliable expert support and advice is vital. It offers subscribers insights into issues that affect their day-to-day roles as SENCOs, such as inclusion and working with parents, and is particularly useful for the most recent policy changes and initiatives within SEN.

We recently carried out a survey of all SENCO Update subscribers asking SENCOs what their main concerns are regarding their role, and the results were really interesting. Leading themes included: how to manage a demanding role that is very much in transition as it moves further towards a senior leadership position with diminishing teaching responsibility; how to cater for an increasing range of special needs in one classroom and, not surprisingly, funding.

We are constantly striving to stay in tune to your most pressing queries and concerns and we will be working to tailor future issues to specifically address them, so that SENCO Update becomes an increasingly relevant and vital information resource, informing readers of the developments that impact on their role as well as providing solutions.