I am passionate about helping pupils to become better learners. But, as I travel around the country, I sometimes hear teachers say things untrue of learning. When it comes to the phrase’accelerated learning,’ there seem to be some curious, if well-meaning, misconceptions.

Bailey’s Court Primary School set out to explore accelerated learning back in 2002. Here, class teacher and Learning Manager Andrew Bowman explains why and how they began their journey towards a more learning-centred ethos.

Accelerated learning tips.

In this article, Alistair Smith explains how two schools, Stamford High School and Melcombe Primary School, have introduced whole-school learning models based on Accelerated Learning. The impact of planning, delivering and evaluating learning has led to a significant cultural shift at both schools.

AL has become something of a catch-all phrase these days, synonymous with brain-based or mind-friendly learning learning. by Susan Norman.