The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence has published a guideline on the diagnosis and management of ADHD in children, young people and adults. But what are its implications for schools?

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The terms ADD and ADHD are medical diagnoses and describe a syndrome of emotional or behavioural difficulties, which may include extreme impulsiveness, inattentiveness and continuous motor activity.

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Listening is the ability to attend to sounds across a range of stimuli. Use these activities to help pupils with listening and attention difficulties

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A quick list of tips for calming hyperactive children, including preventative strategies read more

Solution focused education is a methodology which provides a positive and pragmatic framework for managing behaviour, write Kerstin Mahlberg, Maud Sjoblom read more

Does your school have an effective policy on the administration of medication to children? Special needs consultant Patti Turner looks at some of the problems that can arise and the ways to avoid them read more

The interim results of a pioneering study involving 60 toddlers in Durham have provided impressive evidence of the effects of omega-3 oil on children’s learning abilities. read more