Dough balls and garlic bread…why does an assistant head find herself negotiating event sponsorship on a Saturday and why are schools having to attract sponsorship to gain specialist status in the first place?

Mrs O’C writes: “…I was in Pizza Express in the name of work – yes on a Saturday afternoon, yes I did get a free cup of coffee out of it but I was dressed smartly, have a dozen or so Mother’s Day related errands to run and I nearly got a £40 parking fine out of it!   Pizza Express is one of our specialist Music College partners; our school is putting on a production of West Side story, I (and the other members of the PTFA committee) wanted snacks to serve pre-curtain up and so there I was ready to beg the manager into supplying 25 portions of garlic dough balls and garlic bread for four nights on the trot.  

Luckily I didn’t have to beg too hard, she likes the school and I managed to convince her it was good publicity. However it got me thinking about sponsorship, working hard and my definition of my “get it done, no matter what” style of leadership and the lengths schools go to secure sponsorship and support for ventures…”

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