This unique collection of over 50 assemblies focuses on special days in the school year.

Covering anything from Shrove Tuesday to Divali, and Red Nose Day to the National Tests, it’s a valuable resource that you can turn to whenever there’s a special day coming up.

All Year Round Assemblies will:

Provide valuable background information – a teacher’s introduction to each assembly gives valuable background information on the events explaining their origins, significance and how they are celebrated

Help you to deliver relevant and meaningful assemblies – sometimes touching, often humorous and always thought-provoking, these assemblies contain stories that have been especially written to be relevant and meaningful to primary-aged children, with an awareness of multicultural and gender issues

Be reliable and easy to use – suitable for the entire primary age range, these assemblies are presented in an easy-to-use format. Each one can be used with very little preparation

Include 240 pages of ready-to-use, fully photocopiable assemblies – and OHT masters for the whole year’s major religious and secular festivals.