Many parts of the SENCo-year are well documented, statutory or essential; some are pleasurable and less of a necessity. However I was reminded of why the job is so worthwhile last week – the Year 11 prom!

I was greeted by the parents of a young man who used walking aids or a wheelchair throughout his time at school. He also played elite sport for England, swimming for the Paralympics’ team. His parents wanted a picture of him, his mates and me…now adoring Facebook, I am pleased they caught my better side!

Joking aside, seeing an event as key and celebratory as the prom being so inclusive is important. This year didn’t have as many young people who I have had significant direct involvement with, however just seeing the few who have overcome significant barriers being part of what is a very grand event was wonderful.

Tough week – lots on – but definitely one of the highlights of the year.

Almost there now, one week to go, then preparations to start again, ready for September.