“ The intelligent use of data affects the work of all professionals involved in education. There can be no going back to the days when decisions were made on hunches and anecdotal information. But we have to present and explain data in ways which inspire trust and confidence, and lead to appropriate choices and judgements being made.” Christine Gilbert, Head of Ofsted, 2008 In an increasingly data-rich world, it comes as no surprise that secondary schools are now expected to use data as their primary means of school improvement. Developing a strategic, whole-school approach to data analysis is now considered vital to a school’s success.

This year’s national conference on Analysing Data for School Improvement welcomes the UK’s leading experts, researchers and practitioners to take you through both the strategic and technical aspects of data management.

Attend this event to learn how to gather, report and analyse data more effectively to make interventions that transform teaching and learning and raise whole-school achievement.

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“ A very well organised event featuring informative, charismatic and open speakers. Great.” J. Saunders, Data Manager, Redland Green School Bristol

“ One of the most informative and well run conferences I’ve been to in years. Lots of useful information, interesting case studies and good practical examples to take away.”

R. Anderson, Data Manager, Sir William Romney’s School

“ A superb day – very helpful in deciding the next steps for the development of my school.”

J. Hall, Deputy Headteacher, The Gladys Aylward School