The scale of Antarctic landscapes is incredible

Vectors – so which trace is pulling the sledge the

most forwards?

En route to our remote camp

A great explorer’s photo of the Union Glacier

Twin Otter skiplanes are the taxis of Antarctica

We’ve come from here, we’re heading that way

The tools of science, Amy holds a brush for sweeping snow off lichens and Ruth holds an ice

axe for chipping out cryoconite

Carl checking our altitude and route on the GPS

The Antarctic landscape is simple, but spectacular

A crevasse that we spotted and dug out … we

couldn’t see the bottom

The daily food intake for two people

Sedimentary rocks spectacularly folded

Uphill sledge hauling is not something that could be

done alone

Keeping the snow of my beard was tricky

My home for five weeks

When hauling, my breath froze to my beard