As a continuation of our at-a-glance references for explaining the vocabulary associated with gifted and talented education, we look at the Baccalaureate qualification

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Breadth: another term explained in our reference guide for terms commonly used within gifted and talented education read more

How do you create (and demonstrate) an ethos where high achievement is valued? Bob Cox visits a school with a strong commitment to ‘ambition and educational achievement’

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How can you provide adequate opportunities for gifted and talented artistic students? Joan Hardy has found the Arts Award scheme to be an effective means of identifying and encouraging artistic talent read more

An educational ‘road system’ for individual gifted and talented children is needed, says Deborah Eyre, so that they can construct their own unique learning journeys read more

As interest in gifted and talented education grows and expertise develops, so does the vocabulary associated with it. This is the first installment of a ‘copy and keep’ glossary for readers to collect over the coming months

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Deborah Eyre begins a series of articles exploring the issues emerging from G&T provision, and considering how to create the best conditions to encourage exceptional performance read more

Research into the achievements and outcomes of special provision for G&T children has produced surprising results, Joan Freeman explains

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Are you building good relationships with parents of gifted and talented pupils, or do you see them as interfering and ‘pushy’? Lyn Bull provides some practical tips to help you establish real ‘parent partnership’ read more

Deputy headteachers Paul Ainsworth and Josephine Smith consider how school leaders can reinvigorate their G&T programmes so they are an integral part of their school’s success read more

Improving your gifted and talented provision depends on being able to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in your current approach. The Institutional Quality Standards (IQS) is a self-evaluation tool for doing just that, and supports the introduction of personalised education across the whole school, writes Deborah Eyre read more

What turns a competent athlete or ‘player’ into an exceptional performer? Crispin Andrews considers the make-up of this type of talent and highlights some issues for schools read more

Collaborative work can have an energising effect across the curriculum. Jo Counsell describes a collaborative project that used dance to enhance literacy learning read more

Jo Smith provides some practical tips about how technology can support and enhance the learning you have planned for gifted and talented (G&T) pupils

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Val Scott brings us up to date with developments in Wales and describes the important role played by NACE in introducing Quality Standards to schools read more