An new report on child deaths and serious injury examines the problems of inter-agency working. Jenni Whitehead looks at some of the implications for schools read more

How can we go about building trust into the education system? Here we look at the NAHT’s Commission of Inquiry into Assessment and League Tables read more

How would you feel about a student critiquing your teaching style and lesson plans? Involving students in the teaching and learning process can promote agendas relating to student voice, believes Trevor Brittain read more

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Jason Wood describes a groundbreaking project in which two Cornish schools carried out research comparing the views of SEN students and their peers on ECM outcomes read more

Virtual learning enviroments (VLEs) can support delivery of the extended schools core offer, explain deputy heads Paul Ainsworth and Josephine Smith

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Developing a common understanding of pedagogy is intrinsic to ensuring continuity and progression along all stages of an individual’s learning journey, advises a recent DCSF booklet read more

How can neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) be used to support teaching and learning? Richard Churches, principal consultant for National Programmes at CfBT Education Trust and a doctoral researcher in the School Management of Surrey University, explores read more

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Headteacher Simon Uttley explains how he transformed a ‘notice to improve’ school to one of international status with ‘exceptional leadership’ with help from a sophisticated digital environment read more

Research into the achievements and outcomes of special provision for G&T children has produced surprising results, Joan Freeman explains

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