The Association for Science Education (ASE), in collaboration with the Science Council, offers a professional qualification for science education professionals.

The status of chartered science teacher (CSciTeach) is a designation in line with awards such as chartered accountant or chartered surveyor. Such awards are made under powers granted by the Privy Council.

As the ASE website explains, ‘CSciTeach recognises the unique and demanding combination of skills, knowledge, understanding and expertise that are required by individuals involved in practising and advancing science teaching and learning’.

Chartered science teachers are professionals, teachers and educators, who are practising and/or advancing science teaching and learning and for whom knowledge and skills in pedagogy, science education and science are essential elements in their role. They will have a critical awareness of current issues and be informed by ‘developments in educational practice, pedagogy and scientific endeavour’.

The TDA and the DfES intend to persuade teachers to join subject associations. Clearly they have in mind links between the new standards, postgraduate professional development and subject associations. The ASE’s initiative has not escaped the notice of government. We believe the TDA has been asked to consider its potential and it may well become a model for similar developments.

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