Help your pupils to learn about, and learn from, different faiths, with these assembly resources written by Gerald Haigh. The book includes material drawn from six major faiths and aims to reinforce learning from religion.

With so much diversity in our society and in our schools, it is important that today’s assembly resources include material drawn from the major religious faiths that are practised in the UK. 

Assemblies Across Faiths is a collection of ready-to-use assembly materials from the writers of the Primary Assembly File. This new collection provides a selection of assemblies, each of which focuses on one of six major faiths or draws themes from several faiths together.

Assemblies Across Faiths offers more than 40 ready-to-use assemblies covering Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism on the themes of holy water, places of worship, places of pilgrimage, symbols, special food, founders and prophets, light and darkness, and precious values.

Assemblies Across Faiths will enable you to:

  • Teach your pupils about different religions and about the lessons they can learn from them

  • Encourage understanding and tolerance of different beliefs and ways of life among your pupils

  • Help pupils to examine their own beliefs and teach them to be self-questioning

  • Enrich pupils knowledge and understanding of the six major religions practised in the UK

  • Provide a wealth of inspiring material for pupils in your collective worship without requiring a lot of preparation time.

Learning from In each of our assemblies we try to draw out a lesson – something that sheds a little more light, perhaps from a previously unconsidered direction, on our own core beliefs and attitudes.  We try to reinforce one of the key principles of good religious education which is that, as well as learning about religion, we learn from religion.  It is that ‘learning from’ element that we concentrate on.

Our resources are designed to reflect that it is each school’s own responsibility to interpret the ‘collective act of worship’ regulations in its own way to fit in with the nature of its own community.

We aim to provide schools with a rich selection of resources to be used in assembly that bear in mind the pressures of primary school life, so we offer assemblies that can, if necessary, be used with a minimum of preparation.  Each of the assemblies comprises an introduction, a story, words and thoughts, an activity, a conclusion, a prayer and suggestions for further reading.