Assemblies for Special Days for Key Stage 3 and Assemblies for Special Days for Key Stages 4-5 are two collections of assemblies offering you the chance to deliver collective worship with flexibility and imagination. Both by Brian Radcliffe.

They provide a variety of religious and secular themes, picking up major political, social and environmental concerns. In addition, material is provided for those occasions when some external event gives rise to the need for grieving, thanksgiving or celebration.

The format of each assembly is structured so that minimum preparation time is required; this method of engaging, reflecting and responding to each chosen topic is consistent and will allow your students to develop specific lines of discussion.

Assemblies for Special Days will:

  • Save you time – most assemblies will only take a few minutes preparation

  • Offer you inclusive assemblies for all

  • Give you easily accessible and re-useable information

  • Deliver organised assemblies arranged according to calendar events –to help you plan your assembly cycle

  • Provide opportunities to introduce Citizenship themes and classroom discussion

  • Suggest effective ways of tackling sensitive issues

  • Help your students with spiritual and moral development

A number of the assembly topics make it easy for you to focus on areas within the Citizenship specifications such as:

  • Elections

  • Peace and conflict resolution

  • Human rights

  • The significance of the media.