Disruption comes in many forms, one of the most dreaded being questions unrelated to what is being taught. Behaviour Matters delves into this reoccurring problem to seek a positive solution. read more

Behaviour Matters provides tips for achieving effective communication in school read more

With Anti-Bullying Week approaching, Behaviour Matters provides tips on how to make your classrooms bully-free

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Behaviour Matters explores the importance of being a positive role model in teaching read more

Every child with a behaviour problem can be a useful source of information – clear and structured observations can provide feedback on the efficacy of IEPs or classroom management strategies read more

Behaviour Matters explains why it’s important to break down the separate activities within a lesson into clear time slots read more

Whatever the reason, if you are using or issuing a warning, both you and the student must be fully aware of what the warning indicates read more

Do you send pupils out of the classroom as part of your behaviour management plan? If you do, there are a number of things that are worth considering if this consequence is to have any effective long-term outcomes read more

The new school term is a great time to consider your techniques of behaviour management and review your classroom management of last year

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There are two sides to the problem of staff cover – the emotional upset you experience when you realise you are not well enough to be at work, and the practical difficulties your absence generates read more

The sharing of skills and experiences with colleagues can be a rich vein of potential learning opportunities and, in the right environment, is surprisingly easy to promote read more

Clear, taught strategies for attracting and holding attention can help to create a calm and ordered learning environment

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From a very early age, children begin to learn and understand the complicated signs and signals of non-verbal communication

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Some of the new titles for support staff have increased or caused confusion and mystery for teachers, parents and pupils read more

Lunchtime should be an enjoyable social occasion – a time when all those skills learnt in the classroom can be put to practical use and extend the learning environment into the playground read more

Making the assumption that academic, everyday and special occasion behaviours were all taught by your pupils’ previous teacher, will leave you feeling frustrated and annoyed read more