The name-calling situation is unfolding. Unfortunately, on the way home last night Milly started having a wobbly about 20 meters from the school gates. Yep, right there in front of all of the other kids, parents and learning support workers. Great!

First off it was because I had said that there was no ice-cream on the way home (for pity’s sake, it’s November and flippin’ cold). Then it was because I am a horrible mummy who makes her carry her own book bag. We had the complete melt down – kneeling on the floor, refusing to go any further, throwing the bag down. Meanwhile, her three year-old brother was (thankfully) walking angelically next to me holding my hand.

Even knowing that 99% of the time she is a complete cutie, this 1% had me feeling like I am a rubbish mother and that no-one else’s child does this kind of thing – ever!

When we got home, after she had thrown the books from the bookshelf, screamed on the ‘thinking step’ for half an hour and, eventually, calmed down, we got to the bottom of it. It turns out that three kids have been calling her all sorts of names at lunchtime and carpet time for a couple of weeks and she has just had enough.

I’m now waiting for my hubby to get home from work to discuss how we are going to handle this. If anyone has any suggestions, they would be gratefully received.