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The Teacher Support Network called for a coordinated approach to improving teacher wellbeing as it launched a report stating the importance of linking up the disparate services that tackle teacher stress.

The School Wellbeing Report highlights the need to ‘prioritise teacher wellbeing and for support services to work together to boost the physical and mental health of teachers, therefore improving their effectiveness in the classroom.’

Patrick Nash, chief executive of Teacher Support Network, said: ‘We know that teaching is an increasingly challenging profession, with pupil behaviour, malicious allegations and government pressure to increase standards all making a serious impact on the wellbeing of teachers.

‘Healthy, resilient and motivated teachers have positive implications for society as a whole, because their wellbeing undoubtedly impacts on pupil wellbeing, student attainment and overall school performance.

‘By producing this report, we have started a dialogue between teachers, occupational health practitioners, unions and other sources of support for teachers. Now is the time to share what we have learned, to improve communication and to work together to increase support for, and make improvements in, the wellbeing of teachers.’

The report can be downloaded from www.teachersupport.org.uk or ordered by emailing: [email protected]

This article first appeared in CPD Update – Jun 2006

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