If you have any questions you can email them to me at: [email protected]

Make sure my name is in the subject line.

Comms are going well and we feel it should be possible to receive emails and reply, even when in Antarctica. I will only have access every four days so don’t be suprised if it takes a week or so to reply. And be aware the technology may not work!

I’m worried; my tutor group, my Head of Department and the Head’s PA are vaguely secretly planning my ‘send-off’. They are a concerning concoction of people … my tutor group have many strange ideas (such as miming getting out of cardboard boxes for fun), my Head of Department is ‘imaginative’ to say the least and the Head’s PA is exceptionally efficient meaning that the whole thing will actually happen. Two months in an icy wasteland might well be the best place after whatever they come up with!

Expedition members (that’s me!) and Trustees of the Fuchs Foundation are invited to the House of Commons on the 24th October for a tour, photocall and meeting with Jim Knight Schools Minister and Tom Levitt MP. Oooo!

Tom Levitt is a sponsor of the Fuchs Foundation Antarctic Expedition and it is he who has organised our trip to the Power House of England. The main aim is to help us gain publicity, but I’m just looking forward to the opportunity of touring the Commons, watching the MPs in action and meeting a Minister, all for the first time. How exciting!

I just hope that Mr Brown (Gordan after the trip) doesn’t call an election otherwise there will be no question time.