Conflict exists in every school. Luckily, most minor disputes are quickly forgotten and rarely turn into major disruptions. But when a conflict does become serious it can have a detrimental effect on pupil achievement and staff morale. These articles explore conflict and offer some suggestions for coping with those difficult situations and people.

Jeremy Cunningham shows how schools can ensure ‘just’ disciplinary procedures

How do you respond if a parent starts complaining about your setting or your staff? Steve Mynard advises that you start with prevention

Programme director Claire Finka writes about how the Sheffield-based Juniper programme helps children find a way to cope with stress.

Faye Spalding provides an overview of your responsibilities to your staff.

Sometimes, regardless of how much effort we put into planning, stimulating and rewarding, we will still come across the pupil who is determined to disrupt at all costs. In this instance, conflict is probably unavoidable and will have to be confronted.

Considering the carrot or the stick: which incentives are you giving?

Former headteacher Edward Gildea explores the ways in which disagreements with parents can be resolved and used to improve the school’s partnership with them.

Win it or lose it within the first three minutes, by Nicola Fahey