Science teachers are in the vanguard of gaining professional recognition linked to M-level standards. Derek Bell explains

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Hayden Llewellyn describes the development of the Chartered Teacher Programme in Wales. read more

Sally Eaton begins a three-part series designed to support managers and leaders who are considering providing some in-house training for their staff. read more

Much remains to make the 14-19 vision into reality. Gareth Griffiths, 14-19 provision and attainment director at the Learning and Skills Council looks at progress in developing the diplomas and establishing collaboration between schools, FE colleges and training providers. read more

The vocational nature of teaching has been eroded by successive government initiatives and we need to take action to preserve it, says Alex Alexandrou, chair of the International Professional Development Asscociation. read more

The Welsh Assembly Government has taken a lead on recognising the individual professional needs of teachers. Gary Brace, chief executive, General Teaching Council for Wales, explains. read more

Do mistakes and critical professional learning go together? Should we plan for evaluation? Cliff Jones presents a list of questions to encourage reflection. read more

An effective professional development system is essential for your setting. Steve Mynard explains how to set one up. read more

What helps new teachers feel welcome in a school? Colin Smith looks at the early professional learning (EPL) of teachers, and discusses the key areas to look at when welcoming new teachers into your school, with reference to research in real schools

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In November 2006, education writer and former head Roger Smith looked at the new draft performance management guidelines and what they might mean for schools. read more

Ruth Bradbury explains why it is vital to create development plans for support staff in schools, and outlines a range of practical measures to make the process more manageable in your own school. read more

Teacher and group facilitator Celia Baly describes the challenge of getting out of the way so that children and young people can talk about how emotions affect their experience. read more

Sara Bubb of the Institute of Education in London discusses the implications of research into adult learning for their professional development. read more

Judy Durrant and John Bartholomew of Canterbury Christ Church University describe developments that are leading to real and sustainable improvements in CPD and pupil’s learning. read more

Forthcoming changes will require education professionals to engage with and influence policy. Cliff Jones presents a framework to help CPD leaders develop a comprehensive approach to these challenges. read more

In answer to concerns about a lack of strategic leadership in CPD, Vivienne Porritt, CPD consultant to the London Challenge, describes how a regional framework for CPD is being built in the capital. read more

Publishing research is an excellent form of professional development says Stephen Merrill. read more

Lisa Crosswood describes the benefits of a modular Masters degree in Education. read more

With closer cooperation between schools and FE colleges in 14-19 education on the horizon, Lee Davies provides an overview of recent changes to CPD for teachers in further education

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This articles discusses using the National Programme for Specialist Leaders of Behaviour and Attendance (NPSLBA) to transform behaviour and raise attendance

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The government has updated its guidance on exclusion from schools and pupil referral units. read more

Jane Webb is the support childminder coordinator in Milton Keynes, employed by Milton Keynes Council and working within the childcare team at Galley Hill Education Centre in partnership with the National Childminding Association (NCMA). She recounts how her local authority set up its support childminder scheme. read more

In her second article on training, Sally Eaton looks at some everyday opportunities. read more

The Effective Early Learning (EEL) Project, aims to improve the quality of children’s learning in early years settings. Pauline Cox explains the project’s aims. read more

Pauline Cox explains what was involved in taking part in the Effective Early Learning (EEL) Project

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Dr Hugh Starkey discusses two pilot CPD courses, part of a new DfES initiative on citizenship. read more

Cynthia Jones argues that active internationalism is an essential part of CPD for citizenship

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Petra Luck describes the benefits of learning alongside colleagues from around Europe. read more

The Education and Skills Committee report on SEN includes a brief but important analysis of the role of the SENCO, which highlights a major gap between policy rhetoric and reality. read more

The Common Assessment Framework (CAF) and Lead Professional (LP) work are key elements in the Every Child Matters: Change for Children programme. This evaluation of authorities trialling the new approach will be of interest to SENCOs who will become increasingly engaged as the national roll-out continues for these processes for multi-agency working. read more

The Certificate of School Business Management is fast becoming an essential qualification for all school finance staff. But what is the course actually like from a delegate’s perspective? SFM asked a recent delegate to share her views

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The food we eat provides the energy we need throughout the day. In this article, we will explore the different food groups that provide sustained energy and describe which foods stimulate our brain and relieve stress. We will also consider some healthy alternatives when we have a snack attack in school or feel we need to grab that extra cup of coffee! read more

What does networking mean to you? read more

When setting out classroom rules and telling students what you expect of them, do you ever consider turning this round and asking students what they expect of their teacher? read more

Improving your time management skills means being aware of the things that eat into your time and prevent you getting on with the important and urgent tasks. read more

Do you subscribe to the notion that: ‘There is no such thing as failure – only feedback’, so that whatever mistakes we make, we’re left with the new learning that has emerged? read more

13 Lucky Steps to a Personal Learner-Centred Classroom. read more

The space between ‘being available’ and ‘being overwhelmed’. read more

A fading tan isn’t all that remains of Rosemary Cairn’s CPD experiences in the Caribbean!

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You left the meeting with a sense of excitement about all those excellent ideas. Yes, some of them are really unusual, and they could work! They’d make a difference. Optimism exists! Three months later… nothing. Did the meeting really happen? Why isn’t anyone talking about it? What happened? Rob Sheffield’s final article in a series of 3 looks at the final stage of problem-solving. How can we implement ideas for change so they gain acceptance from others and improve our lives at work? read more

If Their Bodies don’t Move their Brains won’t Groove. read more

Philippa Bogle compares and contrasts facilitation, coaching, mentoring and counselling read more

Getting that new job is terribly exciting. The adrenalin rushes as you realise you are the chosen one and gives a great buzz from the day the news breaks… and for some time afterward. read more

You love your job, you like the people you work with, you have a great family but you seem to finish every day thinking ‘There just aren’t enough hours to get everything I need to do done‘. Sadly you would not be alone in these thoughts.

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Do you feel as though you’re spending most of your time in meetings and not necessarily achieving anything? If so, you’re not alone. read more

Effectively managed work-life balance means having time for yourself, for your work, for your family commitments and leisure. This article offers advice on how to maintain an effective balance, as well as how to be aware of your own warning signs that you need a break

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September can be a scary time of year if you are a newly qualified teacher (NQT) who is facing your own class, sometimes for the first time ever. This article suggests 5 simple ways to impact upon your new class

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Sometimes, regardless of how much effort we put into planning, stimulating and rewarding, we will still come across the pupil who is determined to disrupt at all costs. In this instance, conflict is probably unavoidable and will have to be confronted. read more

How can we re-ignite the flames of inspiration in our teams and ourselves, and, while we achieve great things, get the chance to live a little too? Lynne Copp looks at the challenge

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Since the Training and Development Agency (TDA) acquired responsibility for CPD it has been systematically setting about finding out how continuing professional development in schools can operate in order to take forward government policy. read more