This week, we look at how schools could approach the enduring issue of behaviour management with a view to improvement. We also highlight a new document aimed at raising standards of teaching, learning and leadership

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This week we look at the task of assessing the quality of CPD as a way of asking the sometimes difficult questions that can push us forward read more

Taking on new learning is only one side of the story; making it work for you in your classroom is the other side, and the link between the two is the contextualising of development. read more

This CPD Week we consider how to share staff learning and promote a culture of celebrating achievement. We also take a look at teachers’ main areas of concern as identified by the annual survey of the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER)

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We explore the purposes of impact evaluation and what it might look like in schools read more

This week we explore four eminently achievable ways of boosting the ‘softer’ side of CPD in schools without necessarily having to devote vast sums to the cause read more

CPD Week looks at opportunities to support school staff holistically, through effective structures for professional development

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This week look into the world of peer to peer learning and what it can do for your school read more

The pupil voice is an accessible method of regularly refining the focus of CPD, and this week we take a look at how best to listen read more

This week we offer solutions for overcoming any such blocks so that you can continue through the year developing your practice as an unhindered CPD leader read more

As we begin 2008, what are the essentials for carrying out our responsibilities for professional learning in schools? CPD Week provides the answers read more

CPD Week explores the new professional standards for teachers, linking them directly to professional development agendas in schools, around the key themes of professional and personalised learning read more

Teachers TV is a dynamic resource, tailored specifically to the needs of teachers and other school staff, but how can it work for you and your school? read more

If you want to take an informal look at progress in CPD management in your school, here are some key questions to ask yourself read more

CPD Week offers some public speaking tips to instil confidence in those taking on this daunting task

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CPD Week looks at ways to promote the generation of ideas for staff development read more

CPD Week shows the importance of creativity in learning and provides food for thought on how to support creativity in schools read more

CPD Week probes the place of CPD in special needs provision in mainstream schools read more

This week we look at a recent report which showed that more and more teaching professionals are aspiring to headship. Also, you have heard of the terrible twos, but never underestimate the troublesome tweenagers! CPD Week considers the difficulties of transition. read more

Following the publication of a recent Ofsted report focusing on the reform and development of the workforce, we explore how schools might usefully take this further to maximise potential for staff development read more

There are many features of good CPD in schools which can help to facilitate maximum engagement, but what about the challenges of policy and delivery that face us now? read more

There’s no doubt that when it comes to personal and professional development it is essential to nurture reflection and reflexivity, but what exactly do they mean? read more

This week we venture into the realms of CPD policy review and offer practical tips on how to achieve this effectively read more

We pose the key questions that schools can usefully answer to get the most out of collaboration for CPD read more

Considering that inspection is an inevitable dimension of school life it seems logical to grab it as an opportunity rather than dread it as an ordeal read more

It is likely that you will find a mismatch between the development needs of staff regarding CPD for SEN and the resources available to you read more

It’s all getting very confusing. Every child matters, no child left behind and every child has potential. Yes, I think we get the point. There’s a glaringly obvious snag in all this: the ever-growing shortage of headteachers… read more

The outdoor environment remains a rich source of learning for pupils of all ages, attracting new enthusiasts and investment read more

There are many issues in schools that require a cross-age or cross-curricular approach when it comes to continuing professional development. Elizabeth Holmes believes that bullying is one of them

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With the increasing emphasis on personalised learning, CPD Week investigates some innovative use of VLEs in Essex, plus we look at the new professional standards

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Examining the fundamentals of what the role of CPD coordinator involves is always useful, not least when it comes to the effectiveness of CPD read more

What happens when all the pupils and staff at a school read the same book at the same time, and what impact can this kind of whole-school project have on CPD? Lesley Hutchison explains

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Can the Teacher Learning Academy double the number of teachers it has enrolled by 2011? What are the benefits of signing up? Four teachers describe their involvement with the academy read more

What impact will Every Child Matters have on CPD in schools? According to Steven Coombs and Mike Calvert, it will be huge; and schools need to be ready read more

With a more creative and flexible secondary curriculum on the horizon, Rebecca Patterson and Debra Kidd explore what it could mean for CPD read more

Academic or obscure, instrumental or professionally liberating? CPD Update editor Cliff Jones asks what we can expect the new Master’s degrees for all teachers to look like

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Are schools rising to the challenge of CPD for the whole workforce; including teaching assistants? Elizabeth Holmes investigates what schools need to do to ensure that everyone receives professional development

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To allow full use of teaching assistants, curriculum managers need to ensure both TAs and teachers have the support they need. This involves quality line management and a clear understanding of how to plan for effective learning, Lynn Maidment explains

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The provision of Master’s-level credits in the PGCE is a significant milestone for the teaching profession, but what are the implications for CPD in schools asks Alison Jackson, ESCalate ITE leader at the University of Cumbria

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All NQTs will now be able to study for a Master’s level qualification. Cliff Jones puts forward three statements to provoke debate on this topic

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Last year 12 sixth-form teachers applied to TEAM (The European-Atlantic Movement) to take part in a sponsored study trip to America to deepen and broaden their knowledge of US politics, government and culture. One of them shares his experience

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Would you like to be a fly-on-the-wall at your own Ofsted inspection? Paul Williamson, assistant head of Greenbank High School, shares the insights he gained from doing just that

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Early Years Update focuses on the importance of the personal and physical safety of babies, toddlers and three- to five-year-old children. This is part of a range of practical ideas to underpin the information in the Early Years Foundation Stage Principles into Practice cards

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In the first of new series on managing people, Early Years Update looks at the distinction between leadership and management

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Early Years Update looks at the opportunities available for practitioners to gain Early Years Professional Status read more

Early Years Update focuses on the importance of inclusion with babies, toddlers and three- to five-year-old children. This is part ofa range of practical ideas to underpin the information in the Early Years Foundation Stage Principles into Practice cards

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Early years practitioners have used ICT to support young children’s learning in diverse ways, writes Julie Steer

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Nasen promotes the development of children and young people with special educational needs (SEN). Chief executive officer Lorraine Petersen explains their CPD offering read more

Schools wishing to put in place a soundly designed system for evaluation of CPD will benefit from membership of a PPD partnership, especially in view of the growing emphasis on professional learning. Cliff Jones describes what to look for when considering joining one read more

In 2007, Teachers TV asked educationalists at the chalkface about their experiences of performance management. Miranda Green looks at the results of the survey read more