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Paul Ainsworth and Josephine Smith argue that it is increasingly important for school finance managers – especially those aspiring to lead schools – to understand the process of teaching and learning

The headteacher is absent: every deputy head’s nightmare or a chance to show your true potential? David Morley looks at what to do when a headteacher is away from school ‘for a short while’ or ‘for the foreseeable future’

John Jackson looks at a new approach to leadership that puts the emphasis on integrity

Many school leaders don’t have professional development portfolios. David Morley looks at the benefits of creating one for yourself and the pitfalls to avoid

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In the October issue of CPD Update we published a version of the bridging assignment designed to convert work done on NPQH into Masters level credit.

Cliff Jones guides CPD leaders/coordinators on how to add value for aspiring heads.

School culture is a term that curriculum managers are having to pay more attention to in nearly all areas of their job. But how do you identify what culture prevails in your school, understand the implications this has for your curriculum leadership, and from there make changes for the better? Jon Prosser, Director of International Education Management at the University of Leeds, shows how.