This CPD Week looks at strategies for getting staff started on professional development portfolios, and explores the various formats they can take 

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Professional development portfolios are the focus of this CPD Week – what they are, why it’s a good idea to implement them in your school, and the possible limitations they pose. Elizabeth Holmes also offers ideas for their structure

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In the second CPD Week to concentrate on cascading information to staff, this issue looks in detail at the methods available to coordinators trying to keep staff up-to-date on essential professional development information

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‘Cascading’ information to staff can help to ensure that you are as effective as possible in your role in professional development

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Online learning could enhance and facilitate professional development in your school. CPD Week offers tips to CPD leaders, for making online learning work read more

While professional development for teachers is improving and CPD is being given more priority in schools generally, the support given to the wider workforce may be lacking in comparison. To help address this situation, we provide ten top tips for improving the development on offer to teaching assistants in your school. We also examine the need to support the improvement of grammar skills in school staff, following useful research by the University of Exeter and the DCSF. read more

In this issue we explore ways of utilising PLTs to further the development opportunities in your school. We also take a close look at changes in the world of geography teaching and learning.

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CPD Week looks at opportunities to support school staff holistically, through effective structures for professional development read more

CPD Week explores the new professional standards for teachers, linking them directly to professional development agendas in schools, around the key themes of professional and personalised learning read more

In many schools, it is the SENCO who has the main responsibility for managing Teaching Assistants (TAs). SENCO Week provides tips on selecting your TAs effectively

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