Writing an Article for Teaching Expertise

What will happen after your article has been submitted to TEx?

Your article or feature is distributed to the editorial team in the period leading up to the deadline dates. The editorial team is a group of teachers and educationalists that will read your article and check it for overall accuracy, readability and suitability for publication in Teaching Expertise. If the article is rejected, we will tell you why and may ask you to make changes.

The editing process begins as soon as your article is accepted – up to a month before copy deadlines. This involves correcting errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar as well as making minor changes to the structure to fit the page layout of the magazine. The earlier we receive your article, the more opportunity there will be for you to be involved in this process. If you submit work close to the deadline, there may not be time to involve you at this stage.

The design and layout process takes place over a 3-week period immediately after the copy deadline. Articles are sent to our design team as word documents and are then imported into the relevant design software for layout. Images are added and the first electronic draft of the magazine is sent back to Teaching Expertise for further editing and proofing. This takes up to two weeks, leaving a week for us to send a pdf of the first draft of your article to you for checking. At this stage it is still possible to make minor adjustments to your work, although we need to have your comments and corrections returned within just a few days of receiving the proof.

Proof reading is carried out by a team of readers and the first round is undertaken before the design process begins, followed by three or four further rounds of proof reading as the magazine takes its final shape and layout. Proof readers check for typing errors, spelling, punctuation and grammar. They also check references in the articles, such as recommended websites and suggestions for further reading.

Licence to Publish. In order to publish your article we will need your agreement in writing. You will be required to read the terms of the licence and sign a copy of the form and return it to us as quickly as possible, before the magazine goes to print. Copyright Agreement Form (105k PDF)