Susan Norman

Editorial Adviser

My passion has always been learning. How does the brain work? Is learning confined to the brain? How can we teach better? My breakthrough came when simultaneously I read Colin Rose’s book Accelerated Learning and heard about Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This started me on a trail of personal and professional development which encompassed Multiple Intelligences, Suggestopedia, Brain Gym, Mind-Mapping, pre-conscious processing … and more.

I started my professional life as a teacher of English as a foreign language and eventually became a teacher trainer, giving courses and presenting at conferences worldwide. Since I personally learn best by teaching or writing, I’ve written more than 30 books along the way, most recently (with Jane Revell) In Your Hands and Handing Over (on applying NLP to teaching), Transforming Learning – Introducing SEAL Approaches , and (with Eva Hoffman ) Stepping Stones – First Steps in Accelerated learning for use with children aged 7 to 11 , and How Children Learn – a training pack which gives head teachers everything they need to teach accelerated learning through accelerated learning.

I am currently Co-Director of SEAL (Society for Effective Affective Learning) which brings me into contact with many people at the leading edge of learning, I have recently developed an innovative language course, and am working on several new books.

I am proud to have been supporting TEX since I first heard about the idea of a magazine to bring new ideas about learning to the classroom.