CPD Update is an essential newsletter for any professional development leader.

“Invaluable. Concise, relevant, helpful and increasingly necessary. If you have a people job in a school, you need it! It has helped tremendously by keeping me informed and up to date. It is also very good as a collaborative resource.”
David Eggleston, Deputy Headteacher, Wakefield Girls’ High School

CPD Update provides CPD coordinators and leaders with effective practical methods of managing, supporting and evaluating your colleagues’ professional development. Whether you’re involved in CPD at primary or secondary level, this monthly newsletter brings you concise information and practical guidance. It is published 10 times a year.

“Informative, current, thought provoking. CPD Update helps to raise awareness of current issues, provides sources of info and supports my own professional learning as well as that of others.” Jill Dillon, Deputy Headteacher, Nunnery Wood High School A Specialist Science College

Each issue will allow you to:

  • Keep up to date with legislation, initiatives and projects which could benefit staff CPD.

  • Plan, implement and evaluate CPD effectively by following examples of best practice.

  • Identify the training requirements of your staff and school and meet these recognised needs.

  • Provide relevant and stimulating training programmes supporting the development of all your staff, from NQT to SMT.

  • Monitor, record and share CPD in order to promote professional learning.

  • Be well informed about the latest resources and forthcoming events.

“An informative document that gives practical suggestions and uses examples from schools to help deliver and evaluate CPD in your own school.” Glenda Binns, CPD Coordinator, Highfield Humanities College Each month CPD Update brings you news, analysis, insight and practical guidance.

News: CPD Update provides dozens of news sources – bringing you up to date with the most important events, issues, regulations and innovations affecting professional development.

Publications Digest: Key publications, research papers, reports and circulars are concisely summarised to provide a quick overview of their impact upon the management of CPD.

Case-in-Point: Each month Case-in-Point features an in-depth analysis of a major CPD issue supported by school case studies illustrating good practice.

Experts Perspective: This section covers the insights of professional experts who will help you develop a strategic approach to the management of professional development.

“Interesting with excellent articles on current practice from (and this is important) practicing teachers. At last, a body of people that have a real interest and investment in CPD.” Douglas Maund, Deputy Headteacher, Don Valley School & Performing Arts College

Editor: Su Clark

“A journal that has its finger on the pulse of updating the key CPD issues relating to educational change and development in the 21st century. It has helped me in my role by offering advice about new ideas on delivering CPD to all members of staff and its affects upon teaching and learning.” Michael Eyres, Assistant Headteacher, Rokeby School