Author: Julian Stern

History and professional self-evaluation have a lot in common: both need evidence critically examined; an appreciation of different perspectives and interpretations; and an understanding of timescale and change. History has a special way of looking at things, and this book explores professional issues in teaching through and from the history teacher’s viewpoint.

Julian Stern believes that professional development is a natural, lifelong dimension of being a teacher, and he looks at issues for individuals in the practical workplace context of history teaching. These include getting to grips with planning, differentiation and assessment; creating, finding, selecting and using resources; and the whole business of making history matter – to pupils, to the school, and in the curriculum. The book is full of opportunities to reflect on practice, and the final chapter draws these together in a discussion of topics such as expertise in history teaching, managing others, and continuing self-directed professional development.

ISBN:1 899857 18 4; 92pp A4

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