Global citizenship and critical thinking were key elements of this three-year collaborative project

Developing Citizenship was a large-scale education project in England with the aim of making young people’s entitlement to education with a global dimension a relevant and constructive reality.The Developing Citizenship material on this website is a record from the contributing schools and organisations of what happened, what was achieved and what lessons can be drawn for the benefit of future projects.

The project involved three international development agencies:



three development education centres:



five local authorities and 16 secondary schools, over a period of three years (2002-05).

The Developing Citizenship project involved all concerned in:

  • Ideas and understanding – of key concepts that illuminate practical links between local and global issues 
  • Values and attitudes – relating to social justice, human rights and diversity 
  • Skills and capabilities – of critical thinking, communication, collaboration and action 
  • Experiences – of active global citizenship.

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