The genuine occupational requirement defence to a discrimination claim allows schools to set conditions on whom they employ. Tamara Ludlow explains read more

SENCOs will have a significant role to play in carrying out the new duties set out in the Disability Discrimination Act, writes Bill Goler read more

Cultural diversity calls for comprehensive policy. But what if it doesn’t cover the case at hand? Use common sense and consultation, says Michael Brotherton read more

All primary schools must have a disability equality scheme in place by December 2007. Margaret Collins offers some practical suggestions to help you meet the challenge read more

Schools can develop strategies to improve fairness and freedom, says Diane Bebbington read more

Schools are being advised to review their policies and practices to make sure that they are not doing anything that discriminates against pupils on the grounds of religion or belief read more

David Watkins argues that homophobia is something we should talk about and offers practical advice for creating LGBT-inclusive schools. read more

Gill O’Donnell argues that schools need to take a proactive approach to fire alarms if they are not to fall foul of the new disability discrimination legislation. read more

Mark Jennett clarifies why schools and colleges need to talk about homosexuality. read more

What should employers do when faced with requests for allowances to be made at work on religious grounds? Helen Badger takes a look at the law

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