I wonder how the proposal to have a code of conduct for teachers has gone down with people in the profession? I read about it on the BBC website a little while back.

The code of conduct for teachers is because they should act as ‘role models’ both outside and inside school. So, if they get into any trouble outside school (and this can even be something that doesn’t lead to a criminal offence), the General Teaching Council will “look into it in great detail” and it could affect their teacher status, presumably no matter how inspiring they may be in the classroom.

Whilst I absolutely agree that teachers should be role models, it did bring a smile to my face when I later read that despite being arrested and charged with assault, Steven Gerrard was fully supported by his team’s manager and was cleared to play for England.

Hmm, given the choice, who would most boys aspire to? Gerard or their slightly aging math’s teacher?

The difference that I see is that Gerrard’s status as a professional footballer is truly valued by those that employ him – he’s too valuable (in money terms) to lose, so they can turn a blind eye to the odd assault. Sadly teachers do not hold the same value to those in charge, so they are more easily pushed aside.