I went to a staff do on Saturday – it was officially the Christmas meal, which always takes place after Christmas, but it had the added bonus of being a celebration of our outstanding Ofsted result. Governors had all been invited, though only two of us actually went – it was a kind of ‘I’ll go if you go’ thing!

I really wanted to be part of it, but was concerned that I did not want to cramp anyone’s style. As I am a parent as well, I didn’t want the staff to feel that they had to be careful about what they said. It turned out that, after all the wine that had been flowing, noone was very concerned about what they said! However, I wasn’t drinking, so I fretted a bit about when was a good time to leave. I had decided that I would go when the Head did (knowing that generally members of the SLT leave after the meal to allow things to go their own course in their absence). But when I offered the Chair of Govs a lift, she said she would stay a bit. By this time, the tables had been moved and people were dancing in the restaurant. It was all good fun and good natured and there was noone else to disturb . If I’d had a drink, I’d have been tempted to stay. But I did think it was only fair to let the teachers carry on celebrating on their own.

However, being the sort of person that always questions her own behaviour and who often worries about things she said or did twenty years ago that may or may not have upset someone she never sees any more, I got home and worried about being a party-pooper  and being seen as someone who can’t have a good time.

I’d like to say that at least I got a good night’s sleep, but I didn’t as I was up worrying about having done the wrong thing!