This week we’re looking at how teachers and TAs can support pupils with SEN in art lessons, as well as how art therapy can be used to help individual children with emotional, social and behavioural difficulties read more

It’s that time of year when SENCOs are planning for SEN provision for the next school year. Reminders can be helpful, so this week we provide some pointers for you to bear in mind. read more

Continuing our subject-specific guidance, we’re looking this week at how teachers and TAs can support pupils with SEN in geography, history and religious education read more

This week, continuing our subject-specific guidance, we’re looking at how teachers and TAs can support pupils with SEN in music lessons, as well as how music may be used in other situations. read more

In our second subject-specific issue, we consider some of the issues involved in teaching science to pupils with SEN and how teachers and TAs can support their learning

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PE is the theme of our third subject-specific issue of SENCO Week, in which we look at the inclusion of pupils with SEN in all kinds of physical education and sport read more

An important part of the SENCO role is to support colleagues in developing effective strategies for meeting children’s special needs. This term, we’re providing subject-specific guidance for you to share with class teachers read more

In the first of our subject-specific issues, we raise some points for teachers of D&T to bear in mind when planning for pupils with SEN read more

Numeracy and mathematics are areas that cause confusion and anxiety for many learners. SENCO Week looks at ways in which teachers can identify and support such pupils in the classroom read more

This week, we consider those pupils who need extra support with numeracy skills and explore some issues to think about when setting up an intervention programme read more

When pupils find it difficult to write legibly and reasonably quickly, it can significantly disadvantage them in school. We look at how SENCOs can organise additional support

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Spelling is an area where many well-educated adults lack confidence, let alone children who are still developing as writers. It’s important to have a whole-school policy for teaching this important skill. read more

Pupils who have significant difficulties with spelling will need some sort of structured programme. This week we provide some tips and a HELPSHEET which outlines a possible group or individual education plan. read more

Once a teacher has identified that a child is experiencing difficulty with reading, the next step is often to approach the SENCO for an assessment of the child read more

This week, we look at some ways to get family members involved in a child’s interest in books and developing reading skills read more