Shaun Allison, assistant headteacher at Littlehampton Community School (LCS), explains a variety of ways to cross-pollinate in-house skills and expertise to meet each teacher’s training needs. read more

Lorne Charles, who teaches at Morpeth School Bethnal Green, was one of the first NQTs to join the GTCE’s Teacher Learning Academy (TLA). She describes how her involvement has helped her to develop professionally and the value of the TLA’s support at this moment in her career. read more

Ten questions to ask yourself about your CPD policy and your performance as leader of CPD so far this year. read more

The evaluation of the trials of the New Relationship with Schools (NRwS) has now been published. The trial involved 93 schools in eight local authorities. read more

In the October issue of CPD Update we published a version of the bridging assignment designed to convert work done on NPQH into Masters level credit. read more

Answering our list of questions could help you to define your role as CPD coordinator. read more

Cliff Jones sets out a plan for work-based learning that could be used for MA accreditation. read more

Soile Pietikäinen and Peter Winbourne of London South Bank University reveal how participant voice and reflexive learning in a school-based MA are contributing to positive impact. read more

However well planned for, the process of moving from trainee to professional will always constitute a big change

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Now that the consultation period on the new national standards has closed and their coming importance has been underlined in the TDA’s report to Ruth Kelly, CPD leaders need to build a picture of how they might become part of a school’s CPD policy. Cliff Jones raises some questions. read more

Paul Mangnall (deputy principal) and Richard Stakes (staff development coordinator) of the City of Stoke-on-Trent Sixth Form College discuss adopting and working to the revised standard.

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The Real Trust is run by schools for schools and has gained Leading Aspect Award Status for continuing professional development and collaborative working. CPD Update looks at its work.

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Michael Segal looks at the complicated issue of a parents right to insist on corporal punishment for their children, in line with religous freedom

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Amelia Wallington looks at what schools can do to counteract increasing appeals from parents.

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The Education Act 2005: an overview for school staff. read more

The new framework comes into effect this September. It will give schools more freedom — but this comes with tough new duties, says Mark Blois. read more

Want to inject some freshness into the learning space? Richard Churches and Rogert Terry show to make a real difference in your classroom read more

Brin Best calls for a fundamental rethink of what works in the classroom. read more

Bill Walther provides a recipe for getting students to set unforgettable goals with compelling outcomes

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Bill Lucas argues that people can be intelligent in practical waysand that intelligence is definitely something that can be increased. read more

How to deal with ‘difficult’ students – their way. Barbara Prashnig suggests tips and strategies for unpleasant situations you can encounter when faced with students who are unwilling to comply with your rules.

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Amid the usual cries of the dumbing down of standards, schools were praised for another increase in this year’s overall exam results. read more

Government plans to enlarge Ofsted in order to create a single inspectorate that will include all of the services for both children and learners. read more

In a letter to the DfES in May Universities Council for Education of Teachers (UCET) expressed concern that teachers working in city academies do not need to be members of the General Teaching Council (GTC). read more

Walsall assistant heads Mike Swan and Keith Sydenham report on a secondment activity. read more

Speaking at a fringe meeting at the Labour Party conference in Brighton Carol Adams, chief executive of the General Teaching Council for England (GTCE), set out her thinking on assessment and testing. read more

This report was compiled by Richard Jenkin who works with Padstow School on behalf of the College of St Mark and St John. read more

Cliff Jones guides CPD leaders/coordinators on how to add value for aspiring heads. read more

One of the most significant events affecting CPD over the next year will be the revised national standards. read more

A deputy head and a vice-principal describe the new perspectives they have gained from working in different organisations through a scheme run by Headteachers and Industry (HTI). read more

Careful planning and clear outcomes made for a successful citizenship INSET event. read more

Daniela Sommefeldt tells how a national programme for specialist leaders of behaviour and attendance is empowering those who attend it and inspiring them to move forward to bring about whole-school improvements in their own school context. read more

Tips to run more efficient and effective meetings. read more

Bring a variety of teaching resources to lessons if you want to to provoke curiosity and increase motivation, says Philip Drury. read more

Mike Munro Turner works with clients to help them become more effective leaders, exploring their identity as leaders read more

Barbara Prashnig explains the importance of understanding the role of learning styles in studying and exam preparation. read more

Peer support schemes can transform schools, by reducing bullying, increasing pupil confidence and involvement, and lowering teachers’ stress levels, as Carol Smart explains read more

Dorothy Nesbit examines the complex relationship between being able to ask for support, but also knowing when to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when someone asks you to do something. read more

Family learning covers all forms of informal and formal learning that involve more than one generation, writes Melissa Gardner

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Gary Wilson explores the issue of raising boys’ achievement, believing that an important method is making sure they have good role models

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Paul Dix explains how organising your teaching space and your behaviour can help you to create positive behaviour patterns in your classroom read more

Andy Bowman explores strategies for promoting and supporting independent learning

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Susan Norman explains how self-evaluation can help children to take more responsibility for their learning. read more

Philippa Bogle shares two true stories that warm the heart and renew your faith in what is possible through facilitation. read more

Look after yourself and you’ll be in better shape to help your pupils. Phil Craig suggests eight strategies

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Peter Hook explains the connection between malnourished children in Vietnam, a sorcerer in Mali and your school’s performance.

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When you see your name on the cover list, it’s difficult to stop your heart sinking, writes Paul Dix

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Julie Bennett examines the ways in which SWOT analysis can be used with your pupils for brainstorming and exploring projects, ideas, change and decisions. read more

Enterprise education has entered the Ofsted schedule as a subject to be inspected in all schools. But do you know exactly what it involves? read more

Young people spend only 15% of their time in school. The University of the First Age (UFA) fills the rest of the waking day with learning opportunities and makes teachers and learners of us all. UFA’s Felicity Martin discusses how UFA has raised confidence, achievement and potential. read more