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Published 10 times a year, Education Law Update is practical and informative resource essential for keeping abreast of the legal issues that affect your school. Edited by Leila Segal, a qualified barrister Education Law Update brings together lawyers and educationalists to explain the law that every school manager needs to know.

Cyber bullying, the safety of staff and pupils, data protection and copyright rules are just some of the many considerations advisers must deal with on a day-to-day basis. Add to this the need to keep up-to-date with issues as diverse as the rules on restraint and use of force, admissions, exclusions and employment law and the enormity of your responsibilities in this role begin to become apparent.

Trying to keep on top of education law, understanding its implications for your school and ensuring you meet all the legal obligations for effective school management can seem like something of a minefield however, this is where Education Law Update can help.

Each issue of this easy to digest publication will provide you with:

  • Features: Analysis and advice on legal issues for school management
  • Legal Basics: Pull-out section that examines a specific area of the law
  • Surgery: Expert advice to deal with readers’ legal queries
  • News: The latest law, cases and legal resources

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