Following on from my tales of the police last week, this week the school’s had 2 ambulances in 24 hours; one led to a pupil missing a GCSE English exam, the other I still have no idea what was going on, all I know is that I was on lunch-duty and for over an hour an ambulance was parked in the car park and most of my duty was spent moving kids away from it.  

This links in to my stories of the exam hall last year.


Better than a nosebleed with Year 10 we had a concussed Year 11 – her and her friend had taken a short-cut through a building site (Yes I know they were silly!!!) and some rocks had fallen on them… they brought me a few as proof. Chloe already had a headache but it was getting worse; she looked pale and moody (but this is often Chloe’s way). As she walked up the stairs to the Hall she held her head in her hands, stopped walking and then collapsed (I wish I could say into my arms but actually it was onto the stairs narrowly missing doing herself a proper injury)

Unbelievably (or perhaps not) her Dad (a former teacher at our school) wanted to send her back up to the exam hall despite the ambulance wanting to take her to hospital. 

One thing I’m not enjoying about the Head of Exam Centre job is the paperwork ….. you wouldn’t believe the forms needed to deal with this sort of incident!