Nikki Parker advises on how to help young people survive family disruptions. read more

James Park reflects on the progress of personal, social and health education

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Bob Jelley argues that success is essential since, for many youngsters, a teacher may be one of the most significant male role models in their lives. read more

Psychologist Sylvia Clare discusses the importance of physical touch in helping children and young people reconnect to learning. read more

Antidote director James Park and development director Marilyn Tew describe the challenge that schools face if they are to address a decline in student wellbeing between Years 5 and 10

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In a second extract from his book, psychologist Steve Killick describes two approaches to engaging young people in problem-solving conversations. read more

Drawing on his personal and professional experiences, Mark Prever highlights the importance for schools of actively seeking ways to enhance the emotional wellbeing of their pupils. He also makes the case for pupils to have an entitlement to counselling. read more

Counselling is often touted as a solution to challenging behaviour and as a way of meeting needs that are beyond the scope of a school’s pastoral care mechanisms. But is it? Adrian King, independent health education consultant and qualified counsellor looks at what it can realistically deliver. read more

Claire Maxwell and Ian Warwick highlight some ways in which student mental health is being addressed in colleges of further education read more

Graham Haydon argues that we must go beyond vague references to values. read more


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