“ Five out of six poor white boys in England did not meet the Government’s target of at least five good GCSE’s including English and Maths this year” BBC News 11 December 2008

We have known for a long time that girls out perform boys at secondary school; at the start of year 7 the average boy is 11 months behind his female peers in terms of his speaking and listening skills, 12 months behind in literacy and 6 months behind in numeracy. In addition to this, the Government has published figures showing that white working class boys are still achieving significantly lower grades than their peers from different social or ethnic backgrounds.

Faced with pupils producing such a varied scale of results, what steps are you taking to narrow the gap in your school and safeguard your worst performing pupils from succumbing to a culture of low expectations?

Attend the 2nd annual Engaging Boys in Education conference to explore the barriers to boys’ achievement and receive practical advice for overcoming the anti-education culture that exists amongst teenage boys.

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Comments from previous Engaging boys in Education conference delegates:

“ The course was extremely well organised and flowed fantastically well”
Michelle Baguley, Grace Academy

“ An informative event presenting excellent case studies”

Caitlin Page, Creative Partnerships

“ Very useful day, well worth the cost, thank you”

Y. Elhasbaoui, The Kingsbury High