Enriching Modern Foreign Languages, aimed at Key Stages 3 and 4, is a collection of over 100 brand new enrichment and extension activities that encourage confident use of modern foreign languages in secondary schools and beyond

Written by John Senior and Sarah Philo

This exciting resource is designed to: 

  • inspire students through challenging enrichment work that encourages more young people to study languages other than English
  • encourage high standards of competence
  • stimulate creativity with regard to application of language in different situations
  • support an informed debate among students about the importance of the clear use of language in an increasingly complex world of practically instantaneous communications.

The activities in this book are presented in four sections:

  • Language tasters: 10-minute activities
  • KS3/KS4 lesson enrichment activities (French, German, Spanish)
  • Enriching other languages: lesson enrichment activities
  • Day-long enrichment activities.

Many different syllabuses now exist and are used in schools and colleges. The book aims to provide
‘something for everybody’ without compromising on either the thinking required by students or the fun and pleasure of studying a language, which is every student’s entitlement.

A strong element of speaking (and sometimes singing) is included in as many of the activities as possible, with the emphasis on building the confidence of students so that they will be able to speak in and enjoy the language they are studying.

Enriching Modern Foreign Languages includes the obvious choices of the most widely taught modern
foreign languages (French, German and Spanish) as well as an enrichment activity for students learning Mandarin as it becomes more widely taught and more important in the world of employment. In addition there are activities that look at several less widely taught languages, including Japanese, Polish, Ukrainian and Inuit.

Also included is a section providing enrichment activities that cover more than one language, and
language learning generally. This is because the process of learning another language is interesting  and stimulating in itself, and with many of the general language enrichment activities it is possible to focus them on the modern foreign language that the class is learning. It also provides students with the opportunity to see the links between languages, which, in addition to being of interest, should help them to progress further, and more quickly, in all the languages they are learning.

This exciting collection of books bring enrichment to these three areas of study and are designed to stretch a young person’s thinking. They can even provide a strong base for applying further study in these subject areas.

They present activities that are based within the national curriculum but that will also enrich and extend it. In each collection activities are presented in three sections:

  • Applying the subject: 10-minute activities
  • Lesson-length enrichment activities – for Key Stage 3 and 4
  • Day-long enrichment and extension activities. Each activity is accompanied by teacher’s notes on how to use it and suggestions for further work and research, should your students wish to take the project even further. Each book also includes a CD-Rom containing all of the activity task sheets for ease of reproduction.

Language tasters: 10-minute activities
The language tasters can be used for 10-minute slots of available time (form periods, assembly groups, lesson starters). The activities are as challenging and stretching as the pupil’s ability and enthusiasm allow. The 10-minute title is a guideline; the activities could run over a longer period of time if required.

KS3 & KS4 activities Both the KS3 and KS4 activities are designed to complement and extend work done in lessons while

lending themselves to longer projects. The ‘Going further’ suggestions are intended to provide ideas for the development of creative and critical thinking, research skills and to provoke curiosity.

Day-long enrichment activities
These can be used as whole-day activities, for enrichment days, activities weeks or the occasional weekend course. Day-long activities can also be used in sections to fit into a series of lessons if carefully adapted.

Enriching other languages: lesson enrichment activities
The activities within this section are designed to stimulate a student’s interest in a broad range of languages, their application, construction and the possible development of languages world-wide in  the future. The activities can be ‘stand-alone’ in nature or form part of a larger project looking at world events, for instance European growth. Activities in this section, as with others in this collection, have the potential to become life-long interests or the seed for other developments such as a ‘Polish Society’, a ‘Lingual Blog’ or an ‘Ethnographic Society’, the key being an enthusiasm for the celebration of language in a diverse and enjoyable manner.

The message for your students is that learning and mastering a language is challenging and exciting  and, if they have the ability and are motivated by it, they can successfully study at a higher level – not just as a curriculum subject – but as a secure foundation for success in both their future careers and recreational aspects of their life.

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