Raise achievement in science with secondary enrichment activities by John Senior and Angela Tuff that will challenge and excite your students!

This collection of extension activities will allow you to provide enrichment for children studying the science curriculum, particularly addressing the needs of the gifted and talented child. Enriching Science offers challenging enrichment activities for able children that aim to inspire more children to study Science, to encourage scientific literacy amongst all children, to foster creativity with regard to scientific thinking and to stimulate an informed debate amongst children about the application and direction that Science takes in our increasingly complex society.

Enriching Science will allow you to:

  • Enrich science lessons for all students and provide extension material that will challenge more able students

  • Improve students’ performance in this core subjects by enriching the curriculum

  • Enhance students’ enjoyment of Science and promote it as a subject for further study

  • Support whole-school improvement by raising standards in core subjects

  • Provide opportunities for students to expand their thinking skills through problem-solving and develop their social skills through teamwork

  • Improve students’ ability to self-direct their individual learning and help them to have fun and gain pleasure from thinking

The activities in this book are designed to stretch a young person’s thinking and provide a base for applying scientific training. The message we hope your students will understand is that Science is challenging and exciting, and, if they have the ability and are excited by Science, they can successfully study at a higher level and help create a better future. If the abilities of your students take them along other paths in life then we hope the activities and challenges in this book will help them to appreciate the role of Science in all our lives.

Enriching Science presents activities that are based within the national curriculum but that will also enrich and extend it. The activities are presented in three sections:

  • Applying science: 10-minute activities
  • Lesson-length enrichment activities for Key Stage 3 and 4 in Biology, Physics & Chemistry
  • Day-long enrichment and extension activities

Each activity is accompanied by teacher’s notes on how to use it and suggestions for further work and research, should your students wish to take the project even further. The book also includes a CD-Rom containing all of the activity task sheets for ease of reproduction.