This easy-to-use file by John Senior and Julian Whybra is designed to offer the G&T teacher access to differentiated enrichment extension activities. These activities have all been trialled with gifted and talented children and are divided into three main sections for instant use by a teacher.

1. Differentiated, enrichment and extension classroom activities in ten minutes

2. Differentiated, enrichment and extension classroom activities which are lesson length

3. Differentiated, enrichment and extension activities of longer duration and beyond the timetable.

Guidance on how to use the material is a key element of each project as are the opportunities for enrichment. For each activity there is one page of teacher guidance alongside the task sheet. Some projects require support information and this is included in the file. All task sheets are included in the CD-Rom for ease of reproduction. An introduction contextualises what makes for good enrichment/extension material and how to use such materials appropriately with different phases and groups.

“A thought-provoking pack of enrichment activities! 5-stars-4084357 For Guidance and explanation on enrichment activities Davinder Kalle, Gifted and Talented Coordinator at CTC Kingshurst

Tried and tested

All the activities have been carried out with children and all have had the desired effect of stimulating thought, extending horizons, raising self-esteem and assisting young people in developing both their social skills and social networks.

Enrichment work is also an opportunity for teachers to develop their professional experience and to explore their areas of interest as well as for pupils to broaden their learning experience. This book is aimed at supporting the secondary gifted and talented student. Much of the material can be easily adapted for use with post-16 students and staff development programmes. The aim of the authors is to offer activities that require little in the way of specialised resources or specialised knowledge

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