What name would you give to our present time?

We know about the Reformation, The Swinging Sixties, the Ice Age, the Enlightenment, The Victorian Age, The Age of Steam, The Age of Imperialism, the Age of Reason, the Golden Age of Jazz, the Middle Ages and all the other ‘Ages’.

What name would you give to our present time so that in the future people could say ‘of course back in the Age of…’ (Enrichment?) and why would you suggest this name?

As an extra challenge which country in the world has a century known as ‘The English Century’?

Thanks to John Senior for this brainteaser. 

Senior, J, and Whybra, J, (eds), Enrichment Activities for Gifted Children, (2005) Optimus Publishing, ISBN: 09546874-6-9.

This article first appeared in – April 2006