Walking on clouds: how could we engineer the possibility of walking on clouds in the sky?

People fortunate enough to have flown above clouds, and those doubly fortunate to have been happy flying, will know about the beauty and wonder these vast skyscapes present to the viewer. Gigantic peaks of cloud, massive slopes of what looks like snowfields, curly bits of cloud, valleys and hills; all very beautiful in the upper atmosphere but untouchable and removed from our direct experience. How could we engineer the possibility of walking or simply sitting, sliding, sailing or biking in or on clouds in the sky? What would need to happen to clouds and the atmosphere to make these activities possible? For example: cloud skiing, cloud boarding and cloud abseiling all sound very cool. ——————————————-

This activity could become a seed idea for an extended piece of lateral scientific thinking over several months or simply a modest discussion of possibilities.

Thanks to John Senior for this activity.

Senior, J, and Whybra, J, (eds), Enrichment Activities for Gifted Children, (2005) Optimus Publishing, ISBN: 09546874-6-9.