This ready-to-use, sports-themed activity will help enrich your gifted and talented students in the areas of personal management, exam and interview preparation and psychology

Written by John Senior

High and low – managing success and failure

Participating in sports involves competitive spirits as the main focus is coming first, second or third.  For some people, it can be difficult to discriminate between realistic and idealised standards. This leads to external pressure for the sports player, but also self-imposed pressure. This level of perfectionism can cause both tension and performance-threatening stress issues.

Life can be very difficult for the high performer and perfectionists, whether in the sporting arena or in the conventional areas of gifted and talented ability, such as mathematics or English.

This enrichment activity will help your gifted and talented students think about how a perfectionist should manage their approach to events: a maths exam, a running final, this project. Additional information is provided to assist your students with their discussion.  

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