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A sport for all: the real challenge is the philosophy of the game: is it to be competitive or cooperative?

The challenge of the day sounds deceptively simple. You will develop a game that everyone could play, anywhere in the world – a game that can be played by any nationality or group of people, children or adults. There could be different leagues or levels of participation but it has to be a true ‘sport for all’.

The real challenge, however, is the philosophy of the game: is it to be competitive or cooperative? Will it be like an internet game in that it is universal with players joining and leaving at any time, where all are equal except for skill and developing aptitude, but all are rewarded in some way through participation?

Is the game a surrogate for war or a means of ending strife and poverty? Or will it be something that no one has considered in modern times or an impossible sport in our present time that will, once conceived become a reality in the future when gravity will be defied – perhaps a sport in space?

Thanks to John Senior for this activity.

Ed. Senior, J, and Whybra, J, Enrichment Activities for Gifted Children, (2005) Optimus Publishing, ISBN: 09546874-6-9

This article first appeared in – Feb 2006

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