Mary Martin, deputy principal and director of training and research at Comberton Village College, Cambridge, describes how she monitors policy and promotes community cohesion in her school, by outlining a number of effective initiatives

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Gender equality is a complex issue for schools, writes Michele Paule, as she looks at the gender equality issues that schools and curriculum mangers have had to address since the gender equality duty

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This free resource looks at the National Healthy School Standard (NHSS) programme, and the objectives relevant to the promotion of racial equality in schools


This free resource outlines the first two recommended steps in evaluating your school for improvement

This resource will help develop students’ understanding of stereotyping and the consequences and impact it can have on the people involved

How should we react to charity appeals − particularly those that we see on television? This PSHE secondary assembly compares the different public responses to the recent disasters in Burma and China and asks how we should respond

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This whole-school assembly looks at equality with reference to the suffrage movement, specifically the part played by Emily Davison atthe 1913 Epsom Derby suicide

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Last week, Yves Rossy became the first person to fly with body-mounted wings under jet power, not just holding level flight but climbing for a short while. This assembly celebrates man’s desire to fly like the birds read more

The issue of sexual equality is explored in this secondary assembly, using the example of female scientists and the problems they may experience within their chosen career – notably the dilemmas of a work-life balance. It challenges listeners to consider their own priorities

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Well known violinist, Philippe Quint, left a Stradivarius violin in a New York Taxi. He was frantic, until it was returned to him next day by the taxi driver read more