Extended Schools Update offers extended school co-ordinators the practical advice and support to help them with matterss such as extended school policy and extended school funding

Published 10 times a year, Extended Schools Update is written by peers drawing from their own experiences and is packed with practical advice and tips. With the 2010 target date for core offer provision in England less than a year away and the huge government investment into the extended schools programme, extended schooling is a high profile policy agenda.

Many school coordinators and leaders have reported a steep learning curve when adopting extended schooling. These same schools have reiterated their gratitude for any guidance received and opportunities given to learn from good practice exhibited in other extended schools across the country, this is where Extended Schools Update can help.

This easy to digest publication will help you to:

  • Develop, coordinate and deliver your core extended schools offering
  • Learn from the good practice of established extended schools
  • Find out about the excellent quality resources and support available
  • Be the first to know about key policy developments and new research

The focus of this publication is on sharing good practice and the case studies and in-depth pieces from schools and other contributors focus on pertinent issues for extended schools such as:

  • Collaborating with multi-agency partners
  • Developing core offer provision
  • Engaging potential service users
  • Embedding extended schooling; and avoiding potential barriers or overcoming barriers that you may face.

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