Is accessing a grant to fund educational improvements to your school something that interests you? Gill O’Donnell explains the scope of the Foyle Foundation and how it could benefit your institution

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School business managers and bursars can play a key role in ensuring their schools establish efficient and effective visual learning environments

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Bringing your school catering in-house can have benefits for your school finances while at the same time creating a better experience for students

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Should we be encouraging school business managers and bursars to progress into headship? Ruth Bradbury, who speaks on financial management at schools, voices her thoughts on the subject, as do two School Financial Management readers

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Gary Dawson provides a comprehensive briefing which explains how to ensure the build of your new school sports hall goes smoothly

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Have you ever been attracted by the financial freedom of academies but wondered what the drawbacks are? Gary Dawson guides you through the issues read more

Business managers and bursars are ideally placed to help their schools develop more robust approaches to fundraising, argue Paul Ainsworth and Josephine Smith read more

Ruth Bradbury considers the relationship and boundaries between the roles of school business manager and teaching and learning leader read more

School governor and former headteacher Peter Downes takes the long view on what ‘local management’ set out to achieve 25 years ago and where he believes it has gone partially wrong read more

Steve Smith makes the case to governors for outsourcing the ICT element of Building Schools for the Future projects

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