I blogged at the beginning of this month about a system by which people aged between 18-26 (sadly, not me by a long shot!) can get free theatre tickets. I bemoaned the fact that I couldn’t find out how to get the tickets and which theatres were involved. I was, however, proactive and sent an email to the Dept of Culture and Arts (if that is their name now, though I think it has changed). Sadly, I have heard nothing from them, but it seems that the fantastic staff here at Optimus have done what both I and a Government department have failed to do and they have found a link. It appears in the comment section of my original blog, but just in case you can’t find it, it is on the a night less ordinary website.

It is really simple to use – you just put in your postcode or area and get a list of theatres near you that are involved. My postcode brought up 10 theatres. And I live in the middle of nowhere! Very exciting.

So, please, tell all your sixth formers and their friends that they should get on line and book some tickets. What a fantastic opportunity. You don’t get much for free these days!