I had two things I wanted to blog about this week. Firstly, the free theatre places for young people, which is being launched this month. The secondly the new recruitment service for schools and applicants.

Consequently, I have spent an hour or so this morning researching this to get more information (I would have liked to provide a list of all the theatres that have signed up to the program, for example), but without success.

I wonder if other people find this? I have been to both web addresses given for the DCSF and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and neither have given me any more information. Sure, the former has a little video that tells you the potential advantages of signing up to the recruitment scheme. But could I actually sign up as a teacher looking for a job? Not anywhere I could see. Could I get an idea of cost? Nope. Similarly, there were plenty of press releases about this plan to offer free tickets. But could I find names of theatres? Only three or four who may sign up. And how do I get these tickets? I still have no idea.

I have, however, left a couple of messages asking for more information, so I hope to bring you a list of theatres (should you be lucky enough to be aged 18-26, or should you know anyone who is) and some more about the new recruitment service later in the week.

Until then, enjoy the snow!