Like many schools, we’re gradually introducing a modern foreign language into KS2. We’ve chosen to start with year 3 this year, followed by Y3 and Y4 next year, and so on. In this way, we’ll have some MFL teaching taking place in every KS2 year group by the time that the new Framework for Languages comes into force in January 2010.

We’ve gone for French simply because the majority of our staff have some knowledge of it. Despite this, everyone needs some sort of scheme of work to support their teaching, and we’ve decided to opt for an online scheme, rather than a paper-based one.

We’ve chosen Tout le Monde. It’s rather nice. It’s essentially a website, packed with resources for children and teachers. It’s useful as a demonstration tool, and as a resource for the pupils to work on individually. It seems to be built largely using those Flash animations that are so common these days, but they don’t dominate the content.

You can see a trial version of the site at