The governors magazine that we get each term has lots of interesting information and links to projects, campaigns and opportunities to bid for funding. I do have an issue with the fact that some things come rather late and sometimes the deadline for giving your opinion on an important matter is tight (I have known it to have already passed by the time I get the magazine). However, that aside, there is always something interesting to read. This term, I noticed the report ‘Seeds of global change’ calling communities and schools to bid for funding for projects that aim to improve children’s awareness of global poverty. The funding comes from the Department for International Development’s (DFID) Development Awareness Fund mini grants scheme. (The DFID is part of the UK government and responsible for managing Britain’s aid to poor countries). 

The overall aim of the Development Awareness Fund is to support activities that promote the following:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the major challenges and prospects for development, in particular the poverty reduction agenda, but also of developing countries themselves.
  • Understanding of our global interdependence, and in particular that failure to reduce global poverty levels will have serious consequences for us all.
  • Understanding of, and support for, international efforts to reduce poverty and promote development including the Millennium Development Goals (previously known as the International Development Targets). Recognition of progress made, and that further progress is both affordable and achievable.
  • Understanding of the role that individuals can play, enabling them to make informed choices.

The procedure to apply for funding is not quick and simple, but there are some really interesting projects that have received funding this year. Below are some school-based projects that received grants in the last round of funding (more info is on the DFID website).

9x9x9 Building Global Connections: a project to enable pupils in 5 primary schools in Yorkshire and Humberside to understand their place in the world by exploring an “extended present”
Khat, Poverty and Development Awareness: a project to educate the public and pupils in two secondary schools in south London through the story of the drug khat
Fashion Plus – Fashioning Development: a project to reduce poverty and create sustainable livelihoods in the supply chains to the UK fashion industry.